Christmas Special Orders

Christmas dinner, whether a team effort or a tightly run solo affair, is a great highlight in everyone's Christmas Day. While the turkey will take centre stage, those with a sweet tooth will be focusing on the last course of the meal.

To help out, we're also introducing orders for larger cakes for your Christmas dinner, or indeed your New Year meal too!

The prices shown below are 50% of the full price.

You'll be able to order:

  • Iced Christmas Cake (8" Square) #
  • Christmas Trifle
  • Mince Pies (Boxes of 6 and 12)
  • Flavoured Sponge Cake


Payment for orders will be taken in two steps:

- 50% Deposit as priced below (non refundable - click here for terms)

- 50% Payment in December

Please note: you cannot order regular desserts and christmas pre-orders in the same order.


Delivery will be free for Special Orders.

Closer to Christmas, you'll be able to pick your delivery/collection time.


For Christmas orders, we need to have all orders by Sunday 9 December at 23:59.

For New Year orders, we need to have all orders by Sunday 16 December at 23:59.

# Orders for Iced Christmas Cakes must be received by Sunday 4 November at 23:59.